Download speeds with Pipex

  astra46 22:04 24 Feb 03

I have just has my line activated with Pipex brodband.

My download speeds seem slow at 38kb/sec. My friend who is with bt gets up to 60kb/sec.

What speeds should i be getting? Is there a problem with my line, i seem to be getting disconected quite a lot, especially when downloading.

  TOPCAT® 23:48 24 Feb 03

... if you have trouble. TC.

Announcement Updated 24/02/03 at 14:00 //

Report: Some customers who have recently registered for DSL space may find their logons to the FTP server do not work.

Symptoms: The FTP server will report the wrong username and password being entered when attempting to access the FTP space.
This fault will not affect customers who have been able to logon to the FTP server previously.

Actions: Our Network Engineers are working to resolve this ASAP. Pipex apologise for this loss of service.

click here

click here

  blanco 18:39 25 Feb 03

Using a Netherlands based speedtest I currently get download at 50.9 and upload at 27.8 and my connection is via Pipex. As BT is the wholesaler it shouldn't make any difference which provider you're using.

The note on the site mentioned by Topcat I think is in respect of log on problems to web site space by recent registrations.

  *mark 18:41 25 Feb 03

Try Pipex's own speed test - click here .

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