Download Accelerator Plus - YouTube downloads failing

  Han_Taylor 19 Sep 12

Hi there,

I'm currently experiencing the following problem with DAP when attempting to download videos from YouTube (I can still download content from

  1. I click on the "Download Video" button on the tool bar; after which I enter the link (I tended to copy and paste from Chrome's address bar - but the problem is the same if I use the integrated buttons below the YouTube video pane ).
  2. After verifying the DAP manager finds the various types of video format for the given link. I generally select MP4, but I've tried each of the formats as a check.
  3. I click the "download now" button and the next window moves to initializing; however instead of commencing the download the program re-boots initialization five times (blinking 5 times), then the initialization window closes and the download is reported as broken / failed.
  4. The problem is repeated when I try to resume the download or attempt to force the download.

I've been experiencing this problem for about 2 weeks now - any ideas why I can't get YouTube videos, when the program works with I've uninstalled and re-installed DAP twice to no avail.

I'm using Windows 7 Premium on a Acer Aspire 5741 laptop - which runs like a well oiled machine.

Hope you can help,

Many thanks, Han.

  rdave13 20 Sep 12

It sounds as if Google is stopping DAP downloading. Try something like aTube Catcher.

  rdave13 20 Sep 12

It sounds as if Google is stopping DAP downloading. Try something like aTube Catcher.

  HondaMan 20 Sep 12

Search for Youtube downloader. It is an excellent programme!

  Han_Taylor 22 Sep 12

I understand that YouTube is running more and more anti-leeching codes to id programs. Might be the problem. Thanks for the posts. I'll switch to a different program, like you say maybe DAP is blocked. Cheers, Han.

  rdave13 22 Sep 12

Thanks for the feed back. It's not 'might be' it is a fact. Anyway you have two recommendations of alternative Tube streaming down-loaders.


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