Down loading music

  Kingfisher 14:21 12 Nov 06

I am new to downloading and burning music to cd etc, what are the best legal sites I have heard that Limewire and kazza are nt so good, any help would be appreciated

  Totally-braindead 14:40 12 Nov 06

itunes has a good selection

  Kingfisher 14:46 12 Nov 06

Thanks Totally-braindead, wiil look at their site am I right to assume that I can download to cd format and not just an Ipod, please excuse my ignorance

  Probabilitydrive 15:20 12 Nov 06

Kinfisher, There is a (controversial) site click here which offers music downloads in various formats.

If you google this website, you'll came across lots of debates/discussions regarding whether this site is legal or not.

Recent developpments include: you cant pay with credit card anyloger and I think in Danemark a server doesn,t accept requests anylonger to connect to this site...

As always, get informed and decide for yourself.

  sean-278262 15:23 12 Nov 06

iTunes and other such sites have DRM which means you are limited if you plan to use it for mp3 players as to which ones you can use it on. The best advice is to buy music in the shops or online as itunes and other sites tend to come no where near a reasonable price when compared to the physical medium of a CD the box and booklet.

With a CD if your computer has a problem you can restore the music. With iTunes you have to back up and that takes time and it can still go wrong and then you have to buy the song again. Pay for sites dont represent value for money overall in my opinion.


  mike1967 15:51 12 Nov 06

limewire is good just be aware its illegal and check every download with youre virus scanner

  Sloper69 16:48 12 Nov 06

I have downloaded music in the past but it a pain.
I recently transfeered music files from my old pc to my new one only to find they won't play without re-downloading them due to licencing issues. The tracks still won't play as they say I don't have the licence. I'm currently trying to resolve this issue with Virgin digital.

  Kingfisher 19:06 12 Nov 06

Thanks to all who replied much appreciated

  Vangeliska 20:48 12 Nov 06

None of these FileSharing sites are illegal, they are on PCA downloads click here You can however download illegal content. Which you shouldn't do, of course.

  Kingfisher 15:19 13 Nov 06

Thanks for the Links Vangeliska

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