Don't miss our new forum

  Forum Editor 00:41 29 May 03

called WebDesign.

Go to the bottom of this page and use the 'Jump to' box to visit WebDesign, for everything concerning...............Web design.

  anchor 10:03 29 May 03

All of us budding web site builders will be heading that way, I am sure.

Thanks PCA for providing this opportunity.

  Legolas 13:34 30 May 03


  H-J 18:31 30 May 03

The jump to box ISN'T at the bottom of the page, it's just after the last posting. could this be an example of bad web design?

  Forum Editor 18:39 30 May 03

Thanks a million for pointing that out - none of us had spotted that, and if it wasn't for eagle-eyed people like you I don't know how we would manage from day to day.

  H-J 21:03 30 May 03 be of assistance to the poor, tired, over worked, underpaid FE. It should give you a nice warm feeling that there is always someone out there willing to help you out for no charge whatsoever! :-)

  ajm 00:48 01 Jun 03

LOL. love your sense of humour.

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