Does an AT Hard disk work in an ATX computer?

  Scoobs 20:08 17 Feb 03

I have upgraded my computer and i am in the process of building my old one using old parts for my daughter. I have an western digital AT compatable Hard disk from an old 286. It does not seem to work in my old Pent 2 400MHz computer which is ATX compatable. Does this matter?

Any comments please!

  DieSse 01:37 18 Feb 03

It's not AT or ATX that matters with HDDs, it's what kind of interface they've got.

If it's an IDE interface (single data cable) - then it should work. It probably is IDE, but there were some drives from about that time that used two cables (data and control) - and were quite different, and will not work.

  Scoobs 22:21 18 Feb 03

Thanks for the info - its IDE I must have a different problem.

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