Does a Graphics Card affect movies?

  ross_mcculloch 16:01 26 Dec 07

I don't do any gaming and I'm looking to get a new PC...will getting a garphics card, as opposed to the onboard shenanigans, improve my viewing experience for DVDs, downloaded movies and streaming video?

  interzone55 17:31 26 Dec 07

The graphics card mainly handles 3D graphics, ie games etc.

DVD decoding is handled almost entirely by the CPU, only the output to the monitor will be handled by the graphics card.

Some graphics cards however will have enhanced chipsets to handle the workload caused by HD-DVD or Bluray disks.

  ross_mcculloch 17:48 26 Dec 07

So for downloads, streaming and standard DVDs then I'm best sticking to onboard graphics?

  Stuartli 17:53 26 Dec 07

A good graphics card will always outshine onboard graphics, but you do need to keep the audio and video codecs up to date with a codecs pack such as:

click here

The Standard pack covers the majority of most users' requirements.

There's also the Vista orientated version (as you are getting a new PC):

click here

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