Does F.E. play cricket?

  961 16:13 31 Jan 04

just wondering, 'cos he's written a very interesting article about student licenses for Microsoft Office in the Spring edition of PCA

CD Wow seems very hard done by

  Forum Editor 16:33 31 Jan 04

but I'm afraid I don't get the link with cricket.

  Stuartli 17:16 31 Jan 04

Whether the FE does nor not he always keeps a straight bat, but is clearly stumped by this thread...

  PurplePenny 17:22 31 Jan 04

Nope - don't see the connection. Is it something to do with the phrase "What's the catch?" ?


  TOPCAT® 17:25 31 Jan 04

It beggars belief that MS have adopted such a trusting attitude on such an expensive product as OfficeXP. As you rightly say in your article, FE, the chance to save over £200 will surely tempt many to quietly purchase a student version. Maybe we might quietly see a drop in price of the standard version when MS note the huge take-up of student licenses.

A very enlightening article, if I might say so FE, and well written to a standard we're accustomed to seeing in the magazine. TC.

  TOPCAT® 17:45 31 Jan 04

The above post should of course refer to Office 2003! TC.

  powerless 17:50 31 Jan 04


So Microsoft want to TRUST? Don't see anything wrong in that!

  simonp1 08:13 01 Feb 04

Well i have just started a open i wonder if im classed as a "student" hope so

  Stuartli 08:28 01 Feb 04

The FE's piece clearly indicated that MS was well aware of the takeup and didn't appear to be too bothered.

  961 13:35 01 Feb 04

Thanks for all the replies

We've been through a long thread about buying software from dodgy russian sites and we've had a good rant about legal action to get CD-wow to surcharge legit software (cd's) to those in UK but not the rest of Europe

Also, in recent times, the magazine has conducted a big reader survey about how good StarOffice (available at about £60) was in comparison to Microsoft software.

Now we learn that I can go into PCWorld and buy a "student" edition of Ms Office and no checks are made to see if, instead of being a student, I really turn out to be a boring old f--- who bangs on about fair play all the time. Why should this software suddenly become available to me when I was formerly being requested to pay £hundreds for it?

I leave those who read this to draw their own conclusions.

It's just not cricket...

....or is Microsoft finally saying to me "if you buy this as a home user at a reasonable price instead of downloading or buying dodgy, we are preparing to live with it"

Pperhaps the question should be asked, why should students be entitled to cheaper software?O.K they may not have as much disposable income, even so why should everyone else subsidise them (or their drinks bill).
Surely it is fairer to half the price to everyone.

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