Does anyone have a TVonics DTR-Z500HD PVR?

  Forum Editor 01 Nov 12

Someone in my family wants to terminate her SKY contract and buy a PVR so she can enjoy TV and record programmes without any montly subscriptions. She has been advised to buy One of these and she has read some excellent reviews, but she wants to make sure that the box is - in her words - 'not fiddly to use'.

Does anyone have this box? if so I would be very grateful for your opinions.

  ton 03 Nov 12

There are some reviews for this item on Amazon

  ton 03 Nov 12

Also reviews on Ebuyer (although discontinued).

  Forum Editor 03 Nov 12

Thanks - I've seen the reviews, and they're excellent. I was hoping someone actually had one of these, so I could get some personal reactions.

  Forum Editor 03 Nov 12

ton Unfortunately the manufacturer went into liquidation, but you can still buy this item, and it looks like a bit of a bargain.

  carver 06 Nov 12

But hasn't she already got a SKY box which is her property and even without the Sky subscription will receive over 200 free channels.

And if she is used to it will be far less hassle.

  carver 06 Nov 12

Seems I am wrong about the Sky box, didn't realise that when you cancel your contract they can and will disable record feature on box.

Find that strange that some thing you own and paid for can be rendered useless.


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