Do your spondoolicks work?????????

  961 18:53 15 Dec 08

Can I just gently say again...

if you've bought someone a computer for Christmas....

please take it out of the box and test it to see it works

Just in case there's a dreaded


on Dec 25th

  tullie 20:22 15 Dec 08

I suppose its up to people to make there own decision?

  GaT7 20:56 15 Dec 08

Thanks, I guess this would be applicable to ANYTHING that needs 'switching on' to see if it works or not :-), G

  lotvic 21:07 15 Dec 08

..and don't forget the batteries if anything needs them or there will be tears before bedtime.

  jack 09:30 16 Dec 08

He related to me the tale of buying himself and his missus[himself really] a Wee as a joint xmas present.
He got it home and immediately unpacked it and checked it out.
His missus chastised him for being previous and 'cant wait' etc.,
He said but I'd look a right chump Christmas day if the thing did not work.
This prompted be to go home and unpack the electrontrickery bits and bobs purchased for daughters and check them out also.

So every one should in my opinion.

Have you seen the Queues at Argos returns counter after Christmas?

  Zaphod 3 10:52 16 Dec 08

I always do this as there can be nothing worse than a sulky teenager on Christmas Day, apart from 2 sulky teenegers on Christmas Day that is.

  DippyGirl 10:56 16 Dec 08

Isnt sulky teenager a tautology

  961 11:17 16 Dec 08

That's unkind!

  Zaphod 3 12:28 16 Dec 08

Sorry should have been more sulkiy than normal.

  Cymro. 14:13 16 Dec 08

Manny is the time I had failed to check everything in good time for Christmas day. It was all the assembling and putting on things like the transfers and such like that used to anger me. I felt that I was doing the manufacturers work for them. Even in those days workers in the Middle East were doing the work for next to no wages. So how much was my labour worth then?

Mind you the pre Christmas adverts on telly were no help. My son was most upset when he found out on Christmas day morning that his Millenium Falcon did not really fly. I wonder where he put all those first edition Star Wars Figures as they would be worth a few bob by now?

We moaned and groaned about it all, but they were really very happy times. Now I look forward to Christmas because my 18 month old grand daughter will be with us. If her father my son in law that is has forgotten to check anything then it will at least make my day for me as I remind him of all the Christmas stress we had with our two kids.

  961 14:20 16 Dec 08

Nice one!
Just keep the smirk down to a gentle grin!

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