Do you need a processor?

  PcNoobie 11:53 05 Mar 15

Basically im going to upgrade my pc but i dont have enough for a processor at the moment so would i be able to run my system without one?


  BT 12:07 05 Mar 15

Err! No!

  wee eddie 14:09 05 Mar 15

As you use the word "Upgrade", one has to assume that you already have a working system that already has a Processor.

If you were to download Belarc Advisor and give us an idea of where you are at the moment. I'm sure that someone could help with advice for potential upgrades.

If it is a laptop PC that you have, the answer is simple. RAM and a SSD are really the only options available

  chub_tor 16:38 05 Mar 15

Upgrading a PC means different things for different people. Some may want a prettier case, some a more powerful power supply, others a faster graphics card, a different operating system, better memory, BluRay DVD writer or even a processor. If you do as wee eddie suggests and run Belarc then you can tell us what you currently have and we can then advise you on the parts that might be upgradeable.

  PcNoobie 17:24 05 Mar 15

OK what i mean by upgrade is: Buy a new processor either a Quad Core 3.9ghz or a 6 core 3.5ghz one.

Currently i have a "AMD Athlon II X2 220" processor

Im not sure if my new board would facilitate this whilst i save for a new processor.

The motherboard i want to buy is "MSI 970 Gaming AMD 970"

Other notable info -AMD Radeon Hd 7850 graphics card. And 8gb of ram

  chub_tor 19:01 05 Mar 15

If you look at the CPU compatibility list for that mother board Click Here you should see that it supports your existing processor. It also supports Phenom X4 and X6 processors.

  wee eddie 19:24 05 Mar 15

Why not go for a bundle package. Board & Processor, then compatibility will be assured

  garyzhang001 07:50 06 Mar 15

Err...It might be a bit difficult.

  bumpkin 14:44 06 Mar 15

It is faitly obvious the OP meant without a new one and not without one at all.

  bumpkin 14:45 06 Mar 15


  PcNoobie 17:40 07 Mar 15

Thanks for that link - Chub Tor it was really helpful :)

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