Do you have a BT Home Hub? (Bad News).

  LastChip 22:03 10 Oct 07

If you do, there's some potentially bad news.

It seems this device is a Speedtouch 7G router and it has some vulnerabilities.

To cut a long story short, it's insecure and at the moment, there's nothing you can do about it, except be careful about where you surf the web and look out for a firmware upgrade from BT at some point in the future.

click here for more details.

The one redeeming factor in all this, is you have to visit a malicious web site to enable (change of) ownership to take place, so be aware and be careful about which sites you visit.

  Spark6 16:09 11 Oct 07

IE will not open your link!!!

works in ie here

  Spark6 20:09 11 Oct 07

Tried again, IE6.0 will not open link. 'Operation Aborted'.

  LastChip 20:45 11 Oct 07

I've tried it in Firefox; OK and in IE (although I don't use IE as a general rule) and again it opened fine.

For anyone using Linux (as I do), Konqueror will open it as well.

Alternatively, if you're having problems, use this URL, but remove the spaces I put in to publish the address: click here. gnucitizen. org /blog/ bt-home-flub-pwnin-the-bt-home-hub

  LastChip 20:48 11 Oct 07

http :// www. gnucitizen. org /blog/ bt-home-flub-pwnin-the-bt-home-hub

  €dstowe 22:16 11 Oct 07

Try this for an alternative report on the same thing:

click here

  Spark6 23:41 11 Oct 07

Thank you, managed to get the gist of it in the end. Have just tried LastChip's first link again, still aborted. Tried laptop's IE7.0, same result. What's going on? I'm on TalkTalk.

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