Distance selling - goods arrive without invoice!

  Bansaw 14:11 11 Aug 06

I just bought something online and it arrived without an invoice or packing note or anything that says where it came from.

Aren't items supposed to come with an invoice or packing note in case you need to return the item?

I'm concerned that if I need to return the item I'll get problems...

Any comments?

  DieSse 14:12 11 Aug 06

Contact the seller?

  Bansaw 14:15 11 Aug 06

Contacted them, no response for a few days...

  Smiler 14:15 11 Aug 06

It's not hidden in the plastic sleeve where the address is, is it?
usually they fold the invoice up to show the address then put it into a clear plastic envelope stuck to the parcel.

  Bansaw 14:18 11 Aug 06

Nope. Looked everywhere. It didn't come attached to the outside or inside.

  spuds 14:26 11 Aug 06

By law the retailer must provide information about the company, returns procedures and other relevant material. Perhaps this as been provided on the website as a print-out!.

Some heavy reading on Distance Selling click here

Further advice click here click here

  Stuartli 14:59 11 Aug 06

No e-mail notification and/or details of the invoice?

  vinnyT 15:03 11 Aug 06

Did you have to set up an account when you purchased the item?

Some Co., to cut paperwork/cost, put the invoice/reciept in the account area.

  Bansaw 15:13 11 Aug 06

No account created. Just a simple checkout.
Their website documentation is pretty thin.
You're right though, another company I bought from send me a PDF invoice. This one didn't.

  vinnyT 15:36 11 Aug 06

Is there anything in their help/faq section about invoices/paperwork?

Seems daft that there is no paperwork at all.

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