Disking Problem help required

  Scillonia 11:11 02 Nov 05

Hi All,

I have returned an out of warranty IRiver 40gb MP3 player for repair, as agreed with them, to Disking International. click here The item was sent via TNT and delivered on the 7th Sept 05. I had to email them asking that they acknowledge receipt, which they have done on the 20 September along with adding ‘Order up Date new status: Technical Dept’

I have since emailed them a number of times asking when I can expect to have the Player returned to me, to date I have received no reply. I have tried phoning them on 01428 724727 but no one answers.

I have ordered a number of items from them previously and their service has been good. Has anyone else had problem with them? Does anyone have a different phone number for them?



  Arnie 11:30 02 Nov 05

I have just rung the number on Skype (VoIP) and connected within 10secs.

Maybe you were unlucky.

  Scillonia 13:23 02 Nov 05

Thanks Arnie, called them immediately on seeing your reply and got an answer and another number to phone(0870 2330871). I now am aware that you are meant to open a ticket on the website for repairs and use this system for communicating with them regarding said repairs. Maybe a good system could be improved by explaining the procedure to user's. I apologies in advance to Disking in case I have missed the obvious.

Will leave open for now, pending response and repair.....

Regards Gary

  Arnie 13:48 02 Nov 05

Glad to be of help Gary.
What a shame though, they have got on the 0870 bandwagon. Surely they could allow full access to their standard rate telephone line. After all you have spent money with them.

click here

  Scillonia 09:14 03 Nov 05

Have now been informed that the I was sent an email telling me the unit was out of warranty, which they knew when they arreed to the repair and now have recieved the following email:

"AS it was only 1 month out we did actually try and get this replaced
with our suppliers, unfortunately they did not accept it back. So we
sent you an email that it was out of warranty. What would you like us to
do with the unit in question.

Kind Regards,

Mark "

I wonder why they agreed to the repair when they obviously do not do repairs. I feel very let down having sent them the unit expect it to be repaired as agreed.

Does anyone know where I could get an IRiver repaired? I do not think there is a lot wrong with it as it will boot up but then powers down, possibly a battery problem.

  Arnie 16:37 03 Nov 05

Gary, have you tried the iriver support number?

click here


  Scillonia 11:02 04 Nov 05

Yes Arnie, tried that end up going in circles

  Arnie 15:13 04 Nov 05

What a way to treat customers. Disgraceful!!!

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