Dishwasher with a window?

  Graham. 17:43 21 Sep 09

As I'll be needing a new one soon, I would rather like to have one with a window where I can see the water spraying about. Washing machines have them, why not dishwashers?

  Woolwell 17:51 21 Sep 09

Just think of bits of food, etc hitting the glass. It'll look like someone being sick.

  wiz-king 17:56 21 Sep 09

Leaks are more likely with a dishwasher than a washing machine as the water is sprayed around the machine.

  BRYNIT 17:58 21 Sep 09

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  961 19:05 21 Sep 09

Sorry, Graham. After all these years!

When I was a sprog I used to get told about the guy that lived in the fridge and turned the light on when I opened the door

Why on earth do you want to watch what goes on in the dishwasher?

I know!. You've been watching those sneaky ads on the tv, with little cameras speeding round clogged up pipes and all the rest of it

You know that thing about car insurance where Michael Winner eventually appears to tell us it's only an advert?

Graham. Please! Get out more, and let the dishwasher do it's work (preferably overnight on the cheap rate)

And if it doesn't. Send the b back and get another!


  morddwyd 07:00 22 Sep 09

They generally run hotter than washing machines, and the water sprays about more, and the glass would get quite hot.

There would also be more heat loss through the glass (a solid door can be insulated) leading to increased energy costs, and, more importantly for the manufacturer, a lower energy rating.

  Stuartli 11:24 22 Sep 09

We have a dishwasher with a window that provides perfect viewing.

That's because I wash the dishes in the kitchen sink...:-)

  Picklefactory 21:36 22 Sep 09

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  oldbeefer2 11:49 23 Sep 09

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  Clapton is God 16:54 23 Sep 09

I'm the dishwasher in our house.

I haven't got a window.

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