Direct Tuning Freeview Recorder

  morddwyd 22 Jul 11

I need to record a fringe Freeview transmitter. I used to be able to get it OK with my existing recorder, but since the changeover the more local transmitter swamps the signal from the distant one.

I can still get the signal by direct tuning (Channel 53) on the tv, so I know it's there, but the recorder doesn't have the direct tuning facility.

Any suggestions?

Nothing too fancy, no blu-ray or anything like that, just want to record a local news bulletin every evening.

  anchor 23 Jul 11

Freeview channel 53 is the HD channel for S4C; called S4C Clirlun.

At a guess, your TV is equipped to receive HD broadcasts, but your recorder is not.

  dms_05 23 Jul 11

Channel 53 is used by 89 digital transmitters spread across the UK. Many are local relays but at least one (Pontop Pike) is a main transmitter. You can see a map of post DSO here

  woodchip 23 Jul 11

Have you checked the Recorder Setup page as most let you tune manual channels

  morddwyd 23 Jul 11

Thanks for the responses.

The Tx I am trying to pull in is the Angus one, and it's being swamped by Durris.


Tried all combinations, but my recorder (a Digifusion 95, long since discontinued - haven't even been able to update the software for about two years or more) - simply doesn't have anything other that "Autotune - Replace" and "Autotune - Add".

A new one is definitely on the cards, just how confident are you that "most" of them have direct tuning? :-)

  woodchip 23 Jul 11

Mine as it, a Dawoo Hard Disc Recorder with Freeview

  woodchip 23 Jul 11

Think its about four years old may be older

  anchor 24 Jul 11

Your forum name of morddwyd led me to think you may be Welsh, or in Wales. Hence my reply above.

  morddwyd 24 Jul 11


I am Welsh, but an ex-pat living with the other Celtic branch, north of Hadrian's Wall.

Latest - I downloaded some manuals and had a look through and as a result I have ordered a Humax PVR-9150T.

I will update success or otherwise when installed.

  morddwyd 31 Jul 11

Final update.

The Humax does the job and I can now get some local news again.

Wouldn't generally recommend the Humax though.

Very poor manual, and a clunky interface.


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