Digital TV Card

  sil_ver 11:51 24 Sep 03

Anyone have experience with this type of 'freeview' card? if so which is best and/or cheapest and where from.

  kinger 12:07 24 Sep 03

I tried a TV Card but had problems installation / reception etc.

I now use Hauppauge (pronounced 'hop hog')
DEC 2000 external (you can use it on PC or with TV as set top box) and it is brilliant.

I get most channels, teletext, time delay recording, Digital radio channels and it's faultless.

Purchased from PC World who said that I could bring it back if I didn't receive many channels, around eighty quid.

You can buy much cheaper units but you get what you pay for.

  sil_ver 13:09 24 Sep 03

Thanks for the input. Will have a look.

  SEASHANTY 15:59 24 Sep 03

Also have a look at this discussion on TV cards.
click here
Also noted when in Argos this morning that the WinTV Nova T USB in the ARGOS EXTRA catalogue. Page 1163. Is priced at £99-49, which is comparable with many of the Freeview digital set top boxes from several

  Bailey08787 18:39 24 Sep 03

i'm not sure if this applies to digital tv through pc's (i imagine it does) - but with the set-top freeview box I bought for my TV, you need to have a digital-capable aerial installed on the roof too

  Jack D 19:44 24 Sep 03

The DEC 2000 is definitely the the most versatile, doubling as a set top box and as a PC Tuner. Providing your aerial is up to it and you are in a good reception area you can't go wrong.

  SEASHANTY 20:49 24 Sep 03

With the WinTV Nova-t you can record digital freeview channels to the hard disk in MPEG-2. Check
the Hauppauge UK website click here

  sil_ver 02:00 25 Sep 03

Certainly gives me something to think about.

Seashanty. Thanks for the link to the discussion, I'd forgotten about that.

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