Digital frames

  frostytheclown 23:15 31 May 07

Wanting to buy one of these for my Dad for his birthday

I've seen some that store "up to 50 images". What I can't find out is if you can store to the frame's inbuilt memory, and then re-write to a memory card to build up a collection favourites

Can anyone advise?


  Totally-braindead 01:27 01 Jun 07

Didn't realise any of them came with inbuilt memory at all. I thought they all used memory cards. I bought a Novatech one for my mums birthday later this month and it uses SD cards, its very basic, doesn't play videos like some of them do and theres no sound but its perfect for her and it has no onboard memory. Out of curiousity can you provide a link to one that does have its own memory as I curious as to how you get the photos on the frame.
Heres the one I bought and its ok click here
no bells and whistles but I didn't want that.

  Totally-braindead 01:29 01 Jun 07

Its considered bad to have 2 threads on the same subject duplicate thread - click here

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