Did anyone manage to nab the bargain of the year?

  Forum Editor 23 Aug 11

By which I mean a brand new £399 HP tablet for £18?

Click here to read about it

  Aitchbee 23 Aug 11

Thanks FE - A genuine bargain...if you can get one.

  ams4127 23 Aug 11

FE. Where did you get the £18 from?

Even though, like you, I have an iPad, at that price I'd have bought one!

  Forum Editor 23 Aug 11

Did I say £18?

That really would be the bargain of the century - I meant to say £89 of course. Sorry if I raised anyone's hopes. Nevertheless, £89 for a device like this is still a bargain.

  Covergirl 24 Aug 11

Yes, it looks like it should be a great bargain.

But related PCA articles like "WebOS: What Went Wrong?", "R.I.P HP TouchPad, we hardly knew you" and "HP TouchPads to be dumped in landfill?" don't exactly inspire confidence and make me want to go out and spend £89 on one.

Not a very good review from PCA either. It appears to be a bit "slow" shall we say.

If everyone has a similar opinion, it will have been doomed from the off.

  RussB78 24 Aug 11

I tried Curry`s this morning but nothing doing, the chap I spoke to said they knew about them but would not be having any to sell.

  Condom 24 Aug 11

I tried Amazon but it told me that as all the Tablets were sold via its attached sellers the full price would still need to be paid. The person I talked with hadn't a clue about the firesale which makes me think I was probably talking with someone based in deapest India.

  woodchip 24 Aug 11

These are the things they was saying the other week would replace Netbooks

  carver 26 Aug 11

I tried every where to get one but nobody had any left in stock by the time I saw the the price drop.

  AL47 27 Aug 11

got one from argos for 115, the 32gb one

  Forum Editor 29 Aug 11


What do you think of it?


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