Deva Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixer Tap

  flycatcher1 06 Dec 11

For various reasons we need to purchase a Lever operated Mixer Tap for our Bath. The Deva is a good fit and looks to be the correct one for our situation. Only problem, I have never heard of Deva and nor has my Plumber. Any experience or advice on the make or the subject would be appreciated.

  wiz-king 06 Dec 11

Seem to be a lot of firms selling them. website

  Forum Editor 06 Dec 11

Deva is a UK-based company which is part of the Methven group. Deva has been around for a long time, and I'm very surprised that your plumber hasn't heard the name.

The company makes excellent taps - you should have no worries over quality or reliability.

  flycatcher1 06 Dec 11

wiz-king and FE. Thanks for the comments. I was aware that they look a good company but I just wondered if any Forum Members had used their products.

  Forum Editor 07 Dec 11

I imagine that many people have taps made by this company and don't even realise it.

  flycatcher1 08 Dec 11

FE I think that you are right - who looks at the make of the taps one is using? My plumber is a Mira man and so was I until this problem has occured. Distaff and the Bank Manager now have the final call.

  Forum Editor 08 Dec 11

"Distaff and the Bank Manager now have the final call."

It is ever thus. Good luck.

  flycatcher1 19 Jan 12

Just to finish this topic.

Shower purchased, installed and working to distaff's satisfaction. What more can one ask?


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