Desktop PCs Dead

  antony.dandrea 28 Aug 11

It saddens me that when I looked for a desktop PC on PC World's website there was hardly any choice.

It is all very well having laptops and tablets and netbooks and palmtops...but the ability to modify any of them is very limited. The ability to open up the case and change a part for a better part or to replace it, has died with desktops.

This makes me very sad indeed. I have a laptop but would love a desktop because they are just so much more powerful and easily modifiable.

I guess I am just going to have make a custom one.

  octal 28 Aug 11

I'm sure you are looking in the wrong place, I've just recently bought this one from Ebuyer and along with a decent graphics card and put Linux Ubuntu on it, it really is a decent computer for what I need, it comes without an operating system, as I only use Linux so that is no problem for me.

  interzone55 28 Aug 11

There's plenty of desktop PCs available, but they've become such a commodity item that they're all pretty much alike.

When I bought our current PC earlier this year I was stunned at the power available for less than £400 (without monitor).

Remember PC World is the Tesco of the computer market, so they only stock what sells in huge numbers, if you want something different try one of the online sellers like Ebuyer or Scan

  Forum Editor 28 Aug 11

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  sunnystaines 29 Aug 11

i have a smartphone but hate using the internet on it, hate all this resizing etc with fingers. ok only for apps.

also have a netbook & laptop but to me cannot beat a selfbuilt desktop know it inside out and is the best for surfing.laptops are a pain with makers modifying drivers making it a real pain to update them and sort out hardware probs.

all this finger touch computing with ipads, tablets not for me. not sure what i will do when w8 comes in, hoping it will have keyboard and mouse functions for those that prefer these.

  tigertop2 01 Sep 11

Desktops are not dead yet by any means. Easy to build and repair if you are prepared to do a little work and they usually have loads of upgrade potential. As Octal and Alan14 rightly say look around to some of the excellent online sites like Novatech, CCL , Scan and so forth. I lke my Netbook and my Laptop but my desktop gets most use

  sunnystaines 03 Sep 11

i use novatech and get good service, also look at amazon too for some bits.

  Forum Editor 03 Sep 11

There's no doubt that the market for home-user desktop PCs has shrunk considerably.

It's down to market forces - people are buying laptops and tablets instead. You can still find a wide range of machines if you shop around amongst the smaller suppliers, and of course you can always build your own, as you suggest.

  antony.dandrea 09 Oct 11

I am worried that if I build my own, components will become hard to buy in the future as people won't be buying them any more?

  Forum Editor 09 Oct 11

"components will become hard to buy in the future as people won't be buying them any more?"

That's unlikely to be a problem. Components are readily available, and that's going to be the situation for a long time.

  Aitchbee 09 Oct 11

memory modules 'RAM' might become hard to get in the future, so I would shop around now for memory upgrades for your proposed desktop.


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