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  alahind 11:54 18 Sep 09

looking for gaming pc is this a good spec for £782. Processor Intel E5300 (2M Cache, 2.60 GHz, 800 MHz FSB

- Case Case 1 CiT 1001 Black Midi

- Power Supply 450 Watt Power Supply

- Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit With Windows 7 Voucher

- Motherboard Intel Nvidia Asus P5KPL 1600

- Graphics Upgrade Nvidia 1GB GEF GTX 285

- Memory 4GB DDR2 1066MHz Corsair C-TWIN2X4096-8500C7

- Solid State Hard Drive No Solid State Hard Drive

- Primary Hard Drive 1TB Sata 2 Hard Drive

- Extra Hard Drive Space No Extra Hard Drives

- Optical Drive 24 X DVD Writer & 40 - X CD Writer

- Wireless Networking 54mbps Wireless Card

- Monitor 22 " LG W2234S 5ms

- Warranty 12 Months Warranty - Email Support

  bjh 13:03 18 Sep 09

If it comes from Desktop Options, I think you might be better off flushing the money down the loo, from the number of complaints there seem to be.

Desktop Option and PC Option (and, it appears other guises as well) appear all over this and other forums with simply unbelievable complaints.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:24 18 Sep 09

click here

Better deal and from a reputable supplier. With Vista installed and a Samsung 22" monitor it comes to £744. You can use any 'excess' budget and ask them to upgrade the hard drive, RAM etc.

  alahind 16:46 18 Sep 09

cant find the £744 quid one on their site

  OTT_Buzzard 19:20 18 Sep 09

It's the Ricochet (click Select this sytem), then add Vista Home Premium and the Samsung 22" monitor.

  HondaMan 21:55 18 Sep 09


Search in these forums for PC Option and Desktop Option.

  Spencer40 11:21 10 Nov 09

If your looking for a gaming pc the would have a look into Cube247 - they have quite a few gaming pc's and even the budget ones look really good. I bought the Electra system and its amazing. Very good spec and i am so happy with the machine. You can swap and change the spec to suit you as well i swapped to a GTX 295 and 3000GB hard disk.

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