Desktop for £700 max help needed

  Matt_r 15:41 07 Mar 06


I'm new to the forum- just a quick question.

I'm looking at buying a desktop for around the £700 mark - so far I have identified two pc's not too sure which one to go for- I'm looking at using the pc for gaming primarily, office functions etc. Ideally I would like to use it a base machine for performance upgrades in the future.

Which would be best-

click here


click here

any info is much appreciated.



  rmcqua 16:03 07 Mar 06

For me the second one is automatically disqualified because it uses an ATA rather than a SATA hard drive (older, slower technology).

size of PSU are small in both cases 300w & 380W just not enough for gamimg 450W,64 cpu is the next step forward which both have cannot say if the mobos are the best of the best my preference is for radeon cards the higher spec the better It is all down to what you wish to pay

  Diodorus Siculus 16:09 07 Mar 06

Does it have to be one of those two?

If not, I'd suggest you take a look at building your own from a motherboard bundle Novatech click here That way you can choose a case and the components that you need. They are well priced and novatech offer excellent service.

  phoenix198 18:25 07 Mar 06

Another magazine (Personal Computer World) rated the Panrix very highly, so much so that it won their £699 PC system group test. There is a review online click here

  Sibbo 18:58 07 Mar 06

I wouldn't touch the second one with a very long barge pole mate. It may be a "Tiny" PC but it falls under the "Savastore" umbrella which is Watford Electronics. If you search for Watfords or Savastore in this forum, you will see various problems from numerous dissatisfied customers.

  Dellman 21:55 07 Mar 06

Have you tried Mesh??

  Matt_r 08:42 08 Mar 06

Savastore- don't want to look for problems, word of mouth is invaluable, so they are off the list.

What options are there for around the £700 that offer good performance in relation to price?

The Panrix sounds good in the review- does anyone have any experience with them?

Will the mesh for the same price as the Panrix provide better performance for games + all round use?

How easy would it be to update the components (processer/g-card) in the panrix in the future- say, next year?

Is running 2 graphics cards via SLI a good option or better to run the 1 more expensive/powerful card? Would I be able to run 2 x 256mb 6600gt cards on the mobo installed as a potential future upgrade?

Was looking at buying a pc I could enhance rather than building from scratch, cost is a factor- plus the time scale, need it for study at the moment.



  Sibbo 18:51 09 Mar 06

Try here. click here Good and reliable pre and after sales service. You can phone for advice if needed

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