dell desktops

  Gamble75 14:21 03 Nov 07

Looking at the latest desktops that dell off, like the inspiron. They are all smaller than a average size pc, does this matter ?

  Totally-braindead 14:30 03 Nov 07

It depends on which one and how small you mean.

For working as supplied the answer is no but if the case is so small it uses things like low profile graphics card which are smaller than the norm and perhaps a smaller than usual power supply then if you wish to upgrade it might be a problem as there will be much less choice.

  Gamble75 14:38 03 Nov 07

thanks for responding.
i was looking at the the inspiron 530

  Totally-braindead 14:48 03 Nov 07

This one click here

Well firstly the processor, the included one is poor so you'd need to up that, the memory supplied with the onboard graphics is inadequate, it would be liveable with perhaps if you got a graphics card. If you want to play games you would need the 8600GT at least and thats the highest one they do for that PC. Even if you did do a seperate graphics card you would still be better upping the RAM to 2 gig.
I had a quick fiddle with the specs and once you start adding bits on its not such a great bargain.

As it stands for the basic model I think its useless mainly due to the lack of memory and use of onboard graphics. I've seen Vista PCs with 1 gig of memory and onboard graphics and they are so slow I for one could not accept the performance.

  Totally-braindead 14:58 03 Nov 07

In my opinion this is better click here built from standard components, reasonable graphics and a nice 2 gig of memory, processor is not bad certainly better than the Celeron on the Dell, total cost £439.45 but you do need to add a monitor, Dell provide a 17" TFT and you could get something like that for £99 but for the slight difference you might as well spend the extra and get a 19". Heres all the monitors click here and the 19" start from £116.

Now it might be dearer but its a better PC.

Novatech don't do a PC of that spec but the lowest they do is this click here at £289.05 with Vista Premium and theres the option to get XP Home if you wish.
XP Home would run ok on this PC with only 1 gig of memory but with Vista and onboard graphics it would have the same performance as the Dell one. Poor. Put more memory in and its a different beastie (probably).

  Gamble75 15:03 03 Nov 07

thanks alot, i was looking at the nforcer earlier.
Do all novatech desktops have the monitor separate ?
Is that the Nforcer pro you showed me or the standard one.

  Gamble75 15:12 03 Nov 07

i have chosen this
click here

  Totally-braindead 15:13 03 Nov 07

They all come without monitor.

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