Dell Customer serrvice.

  Chronos the 2nd 17 Jan 13

I have a U2711 monitor from Dell bought third hand on another forum a year ago and like the U2410 it upgraded are a fantastic monitor. But it has developed a fault, on a cold boot,say first thing in the morning it will not wake. It is necessary to press the reset button on the PC for it to finally show my desktop.

Anyway decided to get in touch with Dell as they come with a transferable 3 year warranty and there was still 548 days left.

Result a replacement being delivered tomorrow with the old one uplifted Monday. That's customer service.

One tip though make sure you know the name of the original purchaser,nothing more is needed. I keep all boxes and the name was on the box on a delivery label.

So other companies take note,decent customer service is possible.

  Chronos the 2nd 17 Jan 13

When I say nothing more you obviously need the service tag which you will find on the item.

Yes good result, I am looking to upgrade to a 30inch so this replacement will give me a decent price when/if I decide to sell.

  john bunyan 17 Jan 13

Thanks for the update. A year or two ago their service was being criticised here so it is good to hear your news.

  Chronos the 2nd 18 Jan 13

Monitor just arrived and installed. Will not be able to ascertain until a cold boot whether it came with the same problem.

My other one gets collected on Monday.

So in less than 24 hours I have a replacement U2711 Rev 12, which is newer than mine, with a 2 year warranty which is longer than what I had remaining.

Great stuff.

Now back to Borderlands 2 in all it's colourful glory.

  natdoor 18 Jan 13

Are you sure about the warranty? I believe that usually replaced items only carry the remaining warranty of the replaced part.

  Chronos the 2nd 18 Jan 13

Positive. Just had the guy from Dell on the phone as they forgot to include a return label in the package for the monitor collection on Monday. Ai mentioned it to him and he said yep I had scored a few months.

  spuds 18 Jan 13

It looks like Dell have got back on track again, after having had a increase of complaints regarding service.

For a number of years I use to purchase quite a number of items from Dell, mainly promotional offers and bulk buys. Never had any problems until I tried to purchase a laptop via a special promotion code which Dell telesales refused to honour. This was at the time, when Dell was offering free upgrades, increased ram and/or free delivery.

To cut a long story short, they wanted me to pay £60 for delivery, which I refused. During the course of the day, Dell telesales phoned me a number of times, and made 'special' reductions in prices for delivery, but would not honour their free delivery code. From that day onwards, I informed Dell that I would not deal with them again, and I haven't, even though they still send me information on regular special promotions.

  Forum Editor 19 Jan 13

There was a time, a number of years ago, when we saw lots of complaints about Dell customer service - mainly related to failed delivery promises.

We worked hard with Dell behind the scenes to get some improvement - in desperation I even wrote to Michael Dell - and slowly but surely the ship altered course. It's a rare thing to see a complaint in the forum about the company these days.

  961 20 Jan 13

Times move on

Folk like Michael Dell still keep at the sharp end


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