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Dell ???

  coldo 23:12 03 Oct 04

I have been looking at Dell website & think I may purhase a Dimension 8400.
3.2 pentium
250 HD
Dual DVD
x300se graphics
17" TFT
Blah Blah Blah.

Can anybody recommend or give advice on this PC?
Thanks is advance

  ste_bla 23:54 03 Oct 04

The GFX card isnt very good wont play lastest games well eg doom.

You should double RAM to 1024mb as would be a lot better for gaming and future apps etc.

Cant believe the standard optical drive is just a dvdrom for a £971 computer!!

Would surgest another computer manufactor as this pc seems slightly overpriced and would be good at gaming (even though seems to be aimed at such a market) as Athlon64 normally are better.

  coldo 00:19 04 Oct 04

Thanks ste_bla

i should have said it was a 16x DVD+RW# and 16x DVD-ROM Drives.

Is this GFX card [email protected]???
128MB DDR PCI-Express ATI Radeon X300SETM with TV-Out & DVI.

Think the rest of its good spec for 880 quid

  Vague Boy 00:23 04 Oct 04

"Is this GFX card [email protected]??? 128MB DDR PCI-Express ATI Radeon X300SETM with TV-Out & DVI."

OK for general use, not so good for games.

  Urotsukidoji 13:07 04 Oct 04

you both have seemed to miss the important bit of the spec:
128MB DDR ***PCI-Express*** ATI Radeon X300SETM

this is a hell of a lot faster than AGP 8x - approx 8times faster if memory serves- which is standard and widely available at the moment. PCI - E is a new standard and has only just come out.

This gfx card WILL run all the latest games fine (it seems to be fine for me running DOOM3 in ultra mode for graphics whith little or no slowdown with everything turned on and up with hundreds of enemies for me to mow down with blood thirsty abandon!)

sometime i wish people would read ALL of the spec and understanding what is written before jumping to conclusions and insinuating a component is crap because the model number is low.

the only good advice i can see in these posts is the ram upgrade, go for as much as your mainboard/ budget can accept.



  JonnyTub 13:21 04 Oct 04

with regard to pci - express, buying one of these cards is all well and good for future proofing (if there is such a thing) but AGP has a long life left in it yet, even the currenttly fastest card still don't use up the maximum bandwitdth agp has to offer. If you can afford too, get the ram upgrade, otherwise stick with what would appear to be a nice pc for the price from a world leader in computer systems.

  coldo 22:32 04 Oct 04

Thanks for all your help. Some useful info there.

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