mcds01 16:49 02 Sep 04

Dell were gonna charge me £325 + vat to replace a motherboard. how on earth can they justify this price. I have looked about and can pick up a motherboard i require for £50. so thats £275 for labour and parts? What a joke!

  flubberjack 16:58 02 Sep 04

Dell tend to use their own motherboards in their systems and so you will have to get a motherboard from them I think. Plus Dell PSU (power supplies) have proprietory connectors to Dell motherboard if I remember correctly.

I could be wrong, but I think that is correct!

  ened 17:09 02 Sep 04

They even use special memory!!!

  Psiman 20:00 02 Sep 04

You are absolutely right. Dell mainboards, PSUs and connectors are proprietary and are not generally ATX compatible.
My Dimension 8100 went chips up after 18 months with a blown PSU and damaged m’board (One year guarantee). I was quoted £528 to repair. Dell don’t sell spare parts to ordinary customers; I tried. Furthermore, it’s extremely difficult to extract your existing data from a Dell hard disk if you try to install it into another PC.

I won’t be buying another Dell and will stick to true ATX specification machines from Evesham, Mesh or the like.

Sorry SteSte for no good news; I bit the bullet and rendered my Dell for my spare parts bin. Never again Dell!

  mcds01 08:49 03 Sep 04

the motherboard appears to be a mini ATX and I can pick up one just like it for £50 in a local shop. AS for memory - I have updated many of our Dell machines using generic memory.

  christmascracker 11:38 03 Sep 04

Have a read here

click here

  mcds01 11:41 06 Sep 04

All our Dells in the office are made using normal parts - no Dell specific components at all. We would not have bought from them otherwise.

  Urotsukidoji 15:40 06 Sep 04

steste, that would be dell corprate/ business sales, they would not put in the dell specials they put in consumer PC's because of the upgrades inhouse IT depts would want to do. and if they did they would not have the corporate/ business presence they have

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