Delivery Times for Evesham

  Steven135 23:04 15 Jun 03

Just wondering what peoples experience of delivery times are with Evesham how long from ordering to recieving?

  powerless 00:20 16 Jun 03

After placing the order...

The sales person had to navigate around a box and a lady that was looking at stuff on the wall.

He then had to push one of the double doors open.

I then had to go around the back of the showroom where a fire exit was opened and 4 boxes were waiting. Two of the boxes had to be turned sideways as they wouldn't proerly fit through, the other two were no trouble. They were passed to me and then carefully placed in the awaiting Taxi.

Total time for delivery = 10 mins (give or take)

(20 mins if you take the time it too to arrive home)

!HOWEVER! I had to wait 1 week for my speakers as they didn't have them in stock (no sound for a week). Recieved a phone call from the store mananger "steven" saying they had arrived and i could pick them up.

I went in and carried them home. Cretaives 5700's...Whoa big box and heavy but i got it home.

Also there was a nice Golf Gti parked outside the back of the showroom with the number plate "steven" Hmm...

(think his name was steven, it was last november)

  microswift 00:31 16 Jun 03

I went to an Evesham outlet, bought an off the shelf E2Go, they didn't have one in store but they did deliver it a couple of days later as promised.

  simonp1 08:00 16 Jun 03

they ran out of what i wanted in stock but it didnt take long to replace it and that included so mods on the machine as well. Its good service from evesham.

  Steven135 09:46 16 Jun 03

Thanks Powerless :-))

I got my last machine from them 'off the shelf' this time I've ordered a spec that is built to order so just wondered what the general experience of their built to order delivery time was.

  hoverman 10:11 16 Jun 03

My Evesham PC was delivered within the 10 days stated when I ordered.

  soy 10:31 16 Jun 03

I bought one of those Evolution PC's with a processor upgrade. They told me to expect it in 4 weeks time. It came at exactly the time they said it would, maybe 1 or 2 days earlier.

Great service.

  Heckmotor 11:36 16 Jun 03

Funny, isn't it, how the same question will throw up opposite views? As I've just posted, with respect to a string on Nethighstreet, we've abandoned Evesham. They weren't interested in helping us with a motherboard problem out of warranty on a desktop, and meanwhile a laptop saga which started with a seriously delayed delivery, and apparently no way of tracking progress, turned to slapstick once faults developed. It always took a week of phone calls and empty promises to get it collected. One repair was unsuccessful, and when revisited the machine came back with a damaged lid. I got fed up with dealing with immature kids who had no idea what customer service was, but had a deft line in bullshit. Realising that I couldn't even collect a new machine, but had to spend £35 having it sent, was the last straw, and I decided to take my chances with a lower profile outfit for a third machine. No regrets, so far!

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