decent pc for daughter-games +homework

  arly.b 17:06 26 Nov 06

Looking for a pc for xmas present for daughter(11),don't want to spend a fortune. can any1 advise? needs to be able to play dvd/pc games, specifically sims pets.

  Pamy 18:11 26 Nov 06

Always a difficult question to advise on. Do you know any of your daughters friends that have computers that she talks about ( I find they usually want what their friends have + a bit)

  terryf 18:26 26 Nov 06

have a look at click here?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:35 26 Nov 06

of your budget. Also you mention Sims pets - Sims2 needs a fairly good spec pc to run well. See this thread click here

  wjrt 16:42 27 Nov 06

E-Value code
remember to downgrage support to one year RTB

  arly.b 16:02 28 Nov 06

as I said my daughter is only 11 so not really budgeting for more than £200,300 at a push.Did read thread on sims 2 + stuff,pc my daughter has at mo isn't equipped to play newest sims game-pets as its a dvd-rom not a pc-rom,can any1 suggest what I really need to be looking for?thanks

  wee eddie 16:36 28 Nov 06

I assume that you mean a CD Rom Drive as opposed to a DVD drive.

If the old PC has sufficient specification to run Pets then an External DVD Drive should suffice.

So, what is the specification of her old PC?

  wee eddie 16:44 28 Nov 06

Are you aware that Sims Pets is an "Add-on" to "Sims2"

If she already has sims2 and her PC will play it, then an External USB DVD Drive will do the trick, or you could secretly install a DVD drive instead of her CD Drive.

  Kate B 17:00 28 Nov 06

A computer at that sort of price point would be unlikely to run The Sims 2. Even if it meets the minimum requirements click here it would probably be a pretty frustrating experience.

  stylehurst 17:03 28 Nov 06

have a look at the Novatech site. your budget is a bit tight, as the operating system will cost some £70.

  arly.b 13:02 30 Nov 06

she has a compaq deskpro en, with windows 98 and we had nvidia fx 128mb graphics card,wouldn't be able to add things on myself, i don't think, don't have much of a clue!What she has plays sims 2, am aware sims pets is an add on.

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