Decent email software?

  Smudge 21:47 28 Jul 03

Can anyone recommend some email software other than Outlook Express.

I would love a dictionary but OE doesn't have one and I can't be bothered with writing/replying to emails by cut and pasting in Word etc.

How about Incredimail etc?

Or can I add a dictionary to Outlook Express?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:07 28 Jul 03

you can check spelling in your Outlook Express e-mail messages, but only if a Microsoft Office application, such as Microsoft Word, is installed on your computer. Depending on how you set your Outlook Express spelling preferences (Edit
menu, Preferences, Spelling tab), you can check spelling automatically when you send a message or as you type, or manually when you click the Spelling command on the Tools menu.

If you do not have office apps then at $15 is click here


  canard 22:19 28 Jul 03

There have been a nunmber of reports of incredimail being a bad idea in this forum.

  Sir Radfordin 22:24 28 Jul 03

Pegasus Mail click here is a great bit of software that is simple to use and have many of the + points of OE.

  Smudge 13:35 29 Jul 03

Thanks guys. I only have MS Works, so presume not having a full version of Word means I can't have the spellcheck facility.

I've seen Incredimail and wasn't overly impressed.

There is always Netscape and it's email software???

Otherwise I'll be buying a copy of MS Worksuite 2003 with it's full version of Word.

I know it's only a small issue, but using Outlook (the full version) all day at work makes life a lot easier with my bad spelling!.

  Audeal 20:53 29 Jul 03

Smudge. Take a look at this little program called Tiny Spell. I use it all the time now. It checks your spelling as you type, and it does not matter what program you are running.

click here

  wazzup 21:04 29 Jul 03

Are you sure you do not have a spell checker ?. I have XP home and Microsoft Works only and when composing E-mails there is a spell check in the 'Tols' tab....

  wazzup 21:05 29 Jul 03

'Tols'...doh, I mean 'Tools'

  slowhand_1000 21:35 29 Jul 03

You could try Eudora. It's been around for quite some time now.

click here

  Belatucadrus 21:39 29 Jul 03

click here Foxmail

click here Pegasus Mail

click here Phoenix Mail

click here Eudora

  Taran 22:02 29 Jul 03

I must be missing something here.

Works used to ship with a spellchecker. It is, or was, a little icon button on the toolbar with the letters ABC above a tick symbol on it.

So the obvious solution, assuming you can't get the spellchecker to work with Outlook Express, is to type your messages in Works, use the spellchecker and copy then paste the text you've written into an email then fill in the address to send to and the subject line.

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