Decent customer service.

  gengiscant 30 Sep 11

I am the first to complain if I get poor customer service and unfortunately I believe poor service is the norm these days. But on this occasion I must compliment Scan Computers for the excellent service I received this week.

My OCZ SSD hard-drive failed this week so I contacted Scan and got a Returns Authorization Merchandise (RMA) number and posted the drive Monday morning first class signed for. Just for a change Royal mail delivered the item the next day, Tuesday, that afternoon I received an email confirming the fault. Thursday morning I received the replacement.

Well done Scan.

  Armchair 30 Sep 11

I can add to that......

I ordered five components from Scan (first time I've ordered anything from them)on Monday morning, and they arrived at the agreed time on Wednesday morning in perfect condition. They kept me up to date on the order status with emails, and I'll definitely buy from them again.

  rdave13 01 Oct 11

gengiscant, glad you had good service. Another one for my bookmarks. Makes you wonder about these SSDs, though, got mine from Crucial, as you know, and they were reconditioned.

  gengiscant 02 Oct 11


Over the years I have had experience of virtually every component of a PC failing, so why an SSD should be looked at any differently is a puzzle, these things happen. As for the Crucial SSD, it is a reputable company but even they cannot guarantee each and every SSD not to fail. You take your chance with the pretty good deal as you would buying any refurbished product.

  Armchair 02 Oct 11

Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my last component to arrive from Ebuyer, so I can start building my PC. I ordered four components from them on Monday morning, three of them arrived on Friday, and the final one has been sitting in a delivery van at the local depot since Friday night. Hopefully, it'll get here tomorrow, and I can't complain because I opted for the 'within five working days' delivery option. Will I order anything from them again, though? Not sure........

In retrospect I would been much better off ordering everything from the same site, even if it did cost me a few extra quid.

  gengiscant 02 Oct 11

Armchair I tend to get all my components from Scan as I get free next day postage which can save quite few quid. I do use Ebuyer on occasion and like you usually take the free 5 day postage, but I must say,without exception everything has arrived long before that. I suppose it might have something to do being a regular customer.

  Armchair 02 Oct 11

Preferential treatment for regular customers, eh? I'm not likely to become a regular customer if they treat me like a second class citizen on my first order.


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