Daily Mail today, bad internet speeds and rip offs

  Baskerville 11:31 09 Jan 09

Anyone with a gripe check this out.

click here


  Strawballs 16:13 09 Jan 09

I got a phone call from Virgin asking me if I wanted to upgrade my 2meg connection to 10meg for £6 a month less than I am paying now.

  ronalddonald 00:10 10 Jan 09

also depends on what browser your using. IE can be slow compared to Google Chrome and Firefox

  dagnammit 12:44 10 Jan 09


No it doesn't.

  tullie 05:11 11 Jan 09

Whats it got to do with your browser?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:00 11 Jan 09

It has nothing to do with browsers and is to do with the quality of your line, your distance from the exchange and, what most people forget, the number of users online in your area at the same time. The easiest way to help the first two is to go cable otherwise you are stuck, especially in peak usage times.


  bremner 11:25 11 Jan 09

It is true that some browsers are faster at loading pages than others and Google Chrome is certainly the fastest I have used.

That said, it is no good having an fast browser if the line is slow for the reasons given above.

  spuds 11:37 11 Jan 09

It still beats me as to how it is, that neighbours who use the same exchange (2.3 miles away), ISP and same package deal, plus no doubt 'perhaps' the same BT infer-structure of underground and overhead cables plus connection points can achieve totally different speeds.

A case in point is my own connection. Tiscali and BT OpenReach have made attempts to up-rate my maximum speed from about 2.6MB so that it is compatible with that of my neighbours who obtain 6.0MB on a regular basis. For some unexplained reason they cannot achieve or close the 3.4MB difference?.

From the eave of the house to a new BT installed broadband box, there is a 40 year old copper type solid wire cable.From the eve of the house to the central telegraph pole, is a fairly (5 year old) new stranded cable, similar to that of the neighbours. Their cables go direct from the post into their homes and interior connection box's. But BT Broadband/OpenReach and Tiscali insist that the mixture of 40 year old and newer cables are not the problem, its 'possibly' weaknesses elsewhere!.

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