dabs disappointment

  Granger 20:42 07 May 03

Just having a whinge - I ordered an Acer Travelmate 803 last Thursday (1st May). They said 1-3 days delivery. I've been mailing them asking for an update, and they say they expect stock in on 22nd May "subject to change". Every email they stuff full of links to documents explaining why it won't be their fault if anything's late and how I should sympathise with them. This article says "If this period is shown as being over 3 days, then this is an approximate or estimated figure". My figure was 1-3 days, that's not over 3, is it? It certainly wasn't 21 days "subject to change".

Oh, well, like their documents say, I can always cancel and buy elsewhere...But I still can't help thinking they could monitor their suppliers better than this.

  Rayuk 20:46 07 May 03

Have found that the only way to buy online is to make sure they have stock in before completing order.
Saves my sanity.

  25paul 22:32 07 May 03

i recently bought a monitor from dabs. when i ordered it the delivery was also 1-3 days.i eventually got it 3 months later !

  bfoc 23:02 07 May 03

It is certainly best to order only in-stock items, and not just from Dabs!

They may well be giving an accurate estimate of when they have been promised stock, but they cannot force manufacturers to supply it! One way companies keep their margins low and their prices keen is to minimise their holdings of stock. That can have problems as you have discovered!

What really annoys me is ordering something shown as in stock, only to be told some time later that it is not! To be fair though Dabs have never done that to me...yet.

  Granger 09:50 08 May 03

...should I look? I only really know about dabs, plus I've seen scan.co.uk and microdirect. Can people tell me reputable alternatives to dabs to get this laptop?

  Granger 11:57 08 May 03

I cancelled the dabs order and the unit's coming tomorrow from acernotebooks.co.uk, and they have a sales line so I got a deal.

  -pops- 12:53 08 May 03

I never buy unless an item is in stock and even when I've placed my order, I then double check that the stock level has gone down by the correct amount.

I've been caught out before where a stock level of 33 magically became awaiting stock when I placed an order. I then had to become involved with this silly enote shenanigins to allow me to cancel.


  Spencus 13:38 10 May 03

Next time start from click here

  Biggles no more 16:40 10 May 03

USB devices?

  Granger 21:30 10 May 03

I'm such a novice, I've never heard of that site. Thanks for the pointer, that's going straight in my faves list.

  Biggles no more 15:06 17 May 03

Dabs ever been known to send out items that have been previously sold and returned?

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