Dabs Customer Service Merry-go-round

  Brazils 14:20 08 Nov 04

Dabs 'Contact Us' section is so poor as to be comical.

Each time I contact them, I receive an automated answer, that mentions that if I feel my question has not been answered, then to contact them again using the 'None of the above' section. I have, but I still keep getting the same answer with the same instructions !!!! It's a good job I still find this funny.

Seriously though, it is disgusting that this company is just hiding behind an email address and sticking two fingers up to it's customers.

I, for one, will never use them again.

  Stuartli 16:58 08 Nov 04

Dabs one most serious problem is that it is now absolutely impossible to contact it by telephone.

I've pointed this out to them because there was the possibility I might have to return my 18-month-old hard drive (three year warranty) and that communicating by e-mail would have been impossible.

The answer I got was that it would be "communicated to the appropriate section" which means, as far as I can make out, that it will be completely ignored.

In the end the hard drive proved OK but I dread to think of what might have been....

  spuds 19:03 08 Nov 04
  Brazils 19:45 08 Nov 04

Thanks. That email address could come in very useful. Who is he? At least he doesn't sound like an automated response :-)

  kinger 22:08 08 Nov 04

I find that, after dealing with dabs for a number of years, that it's difficult to get used to not being able to call them.

I feel that contact details for EVERY avenue should be supplied for customers ie, email, snail mail, telephone, fax etc. but, obviously, to keep costs down they opt out of telephone contact.

However, once I got used to using their on-line links, I find it OK although, sending back faulty returns takes over 6 weeks to turnaround....that's too slow.

  howard60 22:36 08 Nov 04

I used to use Dabs quite a lot but since they 'upgraded and improved' the website I find it almost impossible to find what I am looking for and have given up on them.

  spuds 23:14 08 Nov 04

Brazils--David Atherton is the actual boss of Dabs,but Jonathan Wall is the Marketing Director with overall responsibilities.

  Brazils 09:00 09 Nov 04


  Nosmas 14:19 09 Nov 04

Perhaps you should read through this post click here and particularly the response I received from Jonathan Wall (included in my post to that thread on 23/03/04 @ 18:25hrs). I think he has a very strange attitude to a potential customer's request for clarification, but it seems to demonstrate Dabs philosophy re customer service, (or rather lack of) which is now epitomised by the 'merry-go-round' experience you have reported.

  Brazils 20:06 09 Nov 04

An interesting read.

I very much doubt if I will ever use Dabs again. I find all of their responses to my emails to be very general in nature, and never actual answer my specific points.

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