Customer Service as it should be Telewest Style

  Sir Radfordin 11:35 01 Mar 04

Seemed to be missing my last bill from Telewest (think the posite got a bit confused over house numbers earlier in the month) so rang Telewest (for free!) to ask if they could resend it.

Navigated a simple menu system and quickly got through to someone who gave me their full name. Chekced a few security details and then asked why I was calling. Explained the problem and they said they were calling up some details but whilst they did that was there anything else they could help me with (thankfully there wasn't!) Very quickly said they will send a new copy of the bill out and advised me of their online bill system (which I knew about but hadn't bothered using) and offered someone from Technical Support to contact me if I needed assistance setting it up.

Throughout the conversation the person I was dealing with was friendly and polite and could answer my questions quickly and with the correct information to hand.

If only every other phone call I made to customer service depts. were the same!

  fuzzyone 11:55 01 Mar 04


Been with Telewest for around 7 years now, and apart from early teething troubles, ( mostly telephone ), they have turned into a very worthy supplier of all media.

P.s. Their b/b service is second to none.

  Sir Radfordin 12:01 01 Mar 04

Couldn't agree more about the BB...have woken up every day for the last 18 months to find it just works. Never had a problem with it of any kind!

  Jester2K 14:06 01 Mar 04

Been great for 3 years - but today I'm having one of their "off days" with Tech Support. Simple question - dammed if i can get an answer other than auto-responses...

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