currys windows 8 laptops

  mart7 16:51 28 Apr 13

i have taken my son to currys today with a view to buying a sony 17" windows 8 laptop

i asked the assistant if anything happens to the operating system are we provided with a back up disc ,he replied no but for £13 they can provide us with one? Is this right or are they just trying to get more money like trying to sell us ms office and norton antivirus neither of which my lads interested in

  Woolwell 17:10 28 Apr 13

It's fairly standard. My W8 laptop came without any discs and no obvious way to create them.

  mart7 17:22 28 Apr 13

Ive just had a look again on the currys site,one of the reviews says its easy to create a back up disc so thats good news if correct,but we have just noticed theres no headphone socket,he likes to play online games with his headphones

  onthelimit1 17:38 28 Apr 13

This says it has a headphone jack (and I've never seen a laptop that doesn't). Most do have the facility to burn recovery discs (usually 3 or 4 DVDs).

  rdave13 17:39 28 Apr 13

You can create return to factory DVD discs,

"Ways to use Recovery partition All you have to do is follow the instructions in making the recovery partition when you first open Sony VAIO E Series. Be ready with a set of disks that you will need. You can use DVDs if you want. Once the DVD finishes and is ejected, label it accordingly so you will not get confused with the sequence, if you need to use the disks. Just pop the disks when you boot the device and it will run the recovery program. If you want to boot from the partition from inside the Sony VAIO E Series, you can click on 'F10' multiple times."

From here.

It's even more essential to create them now as if the drive dies you don't have a key to reinstall 8.

  mart7 17:50 28 Apr 13


link doesnt work for me "page cannot be displayed"


I assumed it would have a recovery partion from which to make a recovery disc but when i asked the shop assistant he said it didnt have that partition,i must admit his answers to my questions were "vague" to say the least thanks

  rdave13 17:50 28 Apr 13

Have a look at the side view of the laptop in your link.

More info,

  mart7 17:55 28 Apr 13

It does say it in the spec on the sony site thanks rdave 13

  rdave13 18:10 28 Apr 13

Here's a side view off the Currys link, click here, shows mic and hesdphones sockets.

  mart7 22:39 28 Apr 13

Thanks to you all leats my son now knows we can back up his laptop and there is a headphone socket


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