Currys v Dixons?? No contest.

  spider9 23:36 29 Dec 04

Wanted a Canon MV730i camcorder. Best price seemed to be Currys - local store did not have any so thought I would buy online.
As Dixons are the same group I looked on their site as well. Everything identical, but price was a few pence less at Dixons - BUT, Currys wanted £7.99 to deliver, Dixons £4.50 !!
As well as this Currys will only give an 0870 number to contact the store (8p per min), saying all the 01... store numbers are 'ex-directory'- whereas Dixons give out the much cheaper 01... numbers for the stores.
Question : - Why would anyone be daft enough to use Currys??

  Forum Editor 01:50 30 Dec 04

In the financial results published for the year ended May 2004 they turned over £1,752 million - It takes a lot of daft people to spend that kind of money.

Same group of companies - different business models. Currys have around 380 stores and their core products tend to be TV's, computers and white goods. Dixons also sell computers, but they tend to major in the photo-hardware market ans smaller electronic devices. It's horses for courses, and it doesn't work too badly - the Dixons group as a whole turned over £6.5 billion for the year.

  woody147 02:21 30 Dec 04

I think a better question would be 'why would anyone be daft enough to take out an extended warranty from Currys/Dixons'. I bought a £400 TV from dixons once, and they had the cheek to become offended when I didn't want to buy an extended warranty for £250.
"Oh yes, it's not an insurance policy though, and it's only £50 a year for 5 years". They then went on to explain how (get this) the 'bath tub model' meant that the likelihood of it breaking dropped off until the two year period (funnily enough the same time that the manufacturers warranty ran out), and then increased sharply. LOL.

  spider9 07:04 30 Dec 04

Agree, woody147, never bought an extended warranty in my life - total rip-off.

FE, the point I was making was why would anyone buy at Currys and pay extra for phoning them and almost double for delivery, compared to what is , in effect, the 'sister' shop, Dixons? I'm not saying that the 'group' is not financially sound or that their prices are not competitive - just that it seems odd to have such a difference in 'service charges' between two sister shops.

  Forum Editor 09:05 30 Dec 04

My point was that Currys as an entity appears to be financially sound, and as far as the 'sister shop' thing goes, well the two concerns are run as self-accounting businesses within DSG, with their own management and their own policies.

It's all about choice isn't it? You made yours, although I think from what you say that you would in fact have bought from Currys if the local shop had stock - their price was the lowest.

  spider9 10:39 30 Dec 04

As it happens I have just made the purchase from Dixons, online, and using 'Coupon Mountain' got an extra £30 off what was the lowest price, anyway!
Am I now glad that Currys were out of stock!!
Still cannot understand why the delivery prices are so different though. Checked PC World (another 'sister'!) and they were the same as Dixons, so Currys appears to be the black sheep in the family! However PC World also insists on the iniquitous 0870 contact numbers, like Currys.

  rickf 11:34 30 Dec 04

With due respect, it seems that FE and spider9 are talking in cross purposes. The financial success of a company does not alwyas mean that it is a co. providing value for money, the point made by spider here, as many purchasers vote with their feet. However, I was amazed to find an Epson R200 Photo Printer at Curry's, Cricklewood for £49.99, the cheapest anywhere, whereas PCW and Dixons were selling it for £84 two doors away.

  rickf 11:35 30 Dec 04

should read "talking at cross purposes". Too early in the morning as I am still on hols.

  pickle factory 13:48 30 Dec 04

Bought from Curry's a couple of times now, should have learned my lesson the first time. Both times they did not have my first OR second choice items in stock, although they were both on display. Wasn't even allowed to buy the display items, as that is only possible with end of line items. Had the items in stock at other branches, but they cannot transfer items across branches of the same company. Last thing I bought was a TV, got it home to find it damaged. Had my money back and not been back since.

  anchor 14:06 30 Dec 04

Remember, John Lewis will price match, and give free 2 years warranty on laptops; 5 years on TV`s.

Possibly this warranty extension may apply to other similar items.

  HXP 19:03 30 Dec 04

If you walk in to one shop and see sometginh for £99 walk next door and see same thing for £50 then you think you have got a bargian.

Maybe they are just cleverer at marketing than we are at buying and as both stores owned by same company perhaps it is 'conditioning' the customer.

Just an idle thought ......

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