Cube 247

  Maramoto 13:56 22 Nov 06

I purchased a Sigma ST7 from Cube (total cost £1439)and received the system on the 26th of November. After less than two weeks of use the system had to be returned to Cube because of a problem with one of the hard drives (at a cost of £53). Less than one week after receiving the PC back from cube there are again problems with the hard drive. I called their sales office to ask for a refund as the system had had two faults in one month and was told that cube do not offer refunds. When i persisted in asking for a refund the advisor became aggressive and rude. I am awaiting a response from Cube to an e-mail and will update this thread when(if) i get a reply.

  The Brigadier 16:07 22 Nov 06

Did you mean October? As 26th November is Sunday??

  Maramoto 17:19 23 Nov 06

Yeah typo there it was October i received it - have since been in contact with Cube and agreed to a replacement PC. In general their staff are friendly and helpful also their PC's are competetively priced. Perhaps my experience is just down to bad luck

  peonfilms 18:04 23 Nov 06

Hey stick with it Maramoto. I bought a pc from cube over a year ago and found the staff both friendly and
helpful. Like you say it may just be bad luck. Keep us informed as to how things develop. Perhaps PC Advisor should do an article like Top Gear. A round up of best and worst pc companies according to customer feedback.

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