Crucial Memory Confusion

  rickimalone 19:13 02 May 04

I have just opened my crucial memory package to have a look at the RAM and to my surprise in the box is a Samsung PC2700 512MB DIMM.

Now im I missing something or has someone nicked my crucial memory and put the samsung 1 in??

Whats going on?

  Rayuk 20:34 02 May 04

Where did you get it from?

  spuds 20:53 02 May 04

Mistaken Identity (;o))

  mikef. 21:28 02 May 04

Ring them up and see what they say, but it could be that they make memory for Samsung as they make it for many other computer makers, and have mistakenly put one labelled Samsung in the box instead of a Crucial named one.

  Newuser4165 10:14 03 May 04

Samsung are the top memory suppliers at the moment.Sold $1.585 million worth in the first quarter.See here:_click here

  BeForU 14:10 03 May 04

I would just keep it myself since Samsung make some of the best memory modules.

  Sir Radfordin 14:24 03 May 04

Providing it works and is what you want I wouldn't worry about who says made it on the sticker. I'm sure if you rang Crucial they would explain what has happened and be prepared to sort it out if needed, but hardly seems worth the hassle.

  rickimalone 16:51 03 May 04

Thanks all will, be ringing them as I could have bought a stick of Samsung cheaper else where if I had wanted it.........

  rickimalone 16:51 03 May 04

The Memory was bought online on the crucial/uk website........

  spuds 16:59 03 May 04

I think you may find that Crucial outsource some of their components from silicone valley world outlets. Possibly a bit like re-badging!.

  ch0pper 17:10 03 May 04

Silocon, spuds, not silicone.

Silicone is the stuff that women have put in their breasts for enlargement. Oh, and chins as well.

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