LALAS 18:54 28 May 05

I need a new monitor. Normally use it for internet, bit of video editing and gaming.

I have £150 to spend and have looked at a few LCD's. For th price I have seen Acer, LG and Benq. All quote fast response times and high contrast rations. At a local shop the picture quality of the LG look poor but claimed this was more to do with the fact one dodgy PC was connected to 2 dozen monitors.

Are LCDs as good a quality as CRT and am I looking at the right things. Any help gratefuly accepted.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:56 28 May 05

I used to have a 22" Sony CRT. I now have a 19" Viewsonic LCD. I would not go back to CRT.


  toddles 19:43 28 May 05

LCD - No question about it. Do a check on click here to check price/availability/views

  Pooke100 22:59 28 May 05

wouldn't go back to crt ever!

PCW are doing an advent click here

if ya book it through [email protected] ya can buy it in your local shop for the online price. A neighbour bought one and it's very very good, only quibble is only a one year guarantee.

Most tft's come with three years.

  Pooke100 23:01 28 May 05

Should have added I am using a digimate 17 inch model, three year guarantee and they are good too!

  Fatbelly 12:43 29 May 05

I have found this flat panel @ ebuyer.
If you check out the customer reviews (over 200 customer reviews on this one product), they all rave about the quality and price of the LG L1715S 17" TFT.

And its only £146 plus delivery

click here

  BT 09:22 30 May 05

There's no contest. LCD/TFT beat CRT every time - clear bright and very sharp display.

  HXP 10:10 30 May 05

I have a Sharp 17 LCD <16 ms and I would never go back to a CRT.

It is much easier to read, photos look great and games fantastic. Worth the investment but make sure you see the one you are going to buy working properly .......


  Joe R 11:49 30 May 05

click here

Good reviews, and a fast 12ms response time, ensure good quality games amd video.

  LALAS 23:02 31 May 05

Thanks for the help folks.

Just bought an LG L1730s TFT from a local shop (for local people) for £140. 12ms response time 550:1 contrast ratio. I'm running it at 1024x768 and it still looks the dogs danglys. Knocks the spots off the 19" CRT that is now in the garage

  Lead 18:15 05 Jun 05

I disagree with most of the above, but it all depends on what you want it to be good at.

I do a lot of photograph editing and imo you still can't beat a CRT for such duties. Even after calibration, LCDs are generally inferior to CRTs.

For serious gaming, despite LCDs having come on leaps and bounds, they are still beaten by CRTs - refresh rates, ghosting, colours, etc.

For simple PC duties, word, excel, the odd game, cropping the odd snapshot, saving desktop space, I do agree that LCDs are very good.

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