CRT obsolecence - legislation driven ?

  Eye No Nuffin 11:45 08 Aug 03

Hope this is the right forum to use.

Heard a rumour that PC display screens in the workplace cannot be of the cathod ray tube type in two years time. That is, flat screens will be greatly in favour.

All due to some kind of legislation coming into being, apparently.

Can someone confirm or dispel this rumour. If it is true can the legislation be identified.


  tbh72 12:42 08 Aug 03

click here

The above doesn't answer your question but it does make interesting reading, there are also some d/l's which will help configure screen's for maximum benefit of the user.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:01 08 Aug 03

The paper is dull enough to make baby Jesus cry but here it here and this one is a bit more user here


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:04 08 Aug 03

click here although legislation is not passed in the UK as of present, this article shows that CRT legislation is well underway.


  JIM 15:27 08 Aug 03

put my money on the year 2007 for the
start of in workplace .

  Eye No Nuffin 23:01 08 Aug 03

Thanks for the replies everyone.

So summing up - it is down to legislation called EN 29241 and intro date could be some time away yet.

I hope the legislators will confirm intro date well in adance ?

  Forum Editor 08:58 09 Aug 03

in plenty of time, and by then we'll probably all be using TFT screens anyway.

  Young Ranger 20:14 12 Aug 03

".......we'll probably all be using TFT screens anyway."

I don't think so. My employers business has four PCs, two of which are rickety old cast offs donated by employees. These cast offs are ancient but better than his own.

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