creative zen video capture

  2020 19:35 25 Jul 08

hi , i had a present of a second hand zen player but i didn't get any software or paperwork, so i don't know how to get video on to the player. id be grateful if anyone could help me locate the best software.
many thanks

  Al94 21:22 25 Jul 08

which model?

  2020 10:08 26 Jul 08

i know it just as the zen 8gb, its relativly new model. i went to the creative site and downloaded the zen explore software but when i ran it got the message this product ony supports 64 bit window operating system, set up will exit.i am running on windows xp home.

  ICF 10:52 26 Jul 08

You have downloaded the wrong one
Connect the Zen to your pc and try the Auto update feature on the creative website or download the correct version of Zen explorer

  2020 21:33 27 Jul 08

many thanks ICF, i realised that when i went back to look at the site. have downloaded the xp version and loaded it, siims simple enough but as yet havn;t messed around with the video ascect.
thanks again

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