cracked laptop screen

  nelsonscolumn 17:35 24 Oct 06


Apologies if this is already answered elsewhere.
My girlfriend managed to knock her lap top off the table and cracked the screen.

So essentially, does this invalidate the warranty? Its 7 months old, so I assume under the manufacturers regulations it would still be under warranty otherwise.
Believe NEC Computers are the company concerned.

Or is it worth getting the screen repaired?

Any advice?

  wjrt 17:54 24 Oct 06

try your home contents insurance cover laptops could be covered under accidental damage. dont think the manufacturer will get involved under guarantee for this sort of damage.

  spuds 19:36 24 Oct 06

I doubt if it would invalidate the warranty for the other components. Claiming on any household insurance could result in an excess charge being made, which nowadays is usually £100.00.

If you paid by credit card or a computer finance agreement, then there could be accidental cover available within the terms and conditions. I know Barclaycard use to provide free accidental cover, plus a range of other free things. Sadly this no longer applies, because Barclaycard as removed these options, within the last year or so. Perhaps to many claims being made!.

Regarding a repair, I would contact the manufacturer to see if it would be viable. I think that it is a bit more than just changing a glass panel!.

  nelsonscolumn 13:31 25 Oct 06

Cheers guys, thats helpful

  josie mayhem 23:52 25 Oct 06

If she got a extended warrenty, it might be covered under this...

  jack 09:25 26 Oct 06

Talk everybody re this be fore deciding on a course of action.
Shop/finance co/manufacturer.
Does the machine still work apart from the screen damage?
I suspect it will cost however, unless you contrive to pass the buck - like getting someone to bump into you whilst you are carrying it and dropping it in from of them ;-) -No I did not mean it or did I ?

  nelsonscolumn 10:25 26 Oct 06


Was wondering about similar scenarios myself! For instance, what is to stop us getting lap top insurance and then a week or so later, putting in a claim?!

Although problem may inadvertantly be solved soon-ish anyway, as she is applying for teaching jobs where lap tops are handed out to staff anyway.

And yes, it does all work fine apart from the screen, I've hooked her up with a monitor, so its basically a desk top pc at the moment.

No extended warranty alas.

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