coverting cd's to mp3 files on my pc

  jonathan-257372 12:23 21 Jan 03
  jonathan-257372 12:23 21 Jan 03

can anyone recomend a program to me so that i can load cd's onto my pc in mp3 format. whitch i can then burn onto a cd that i can use insted of the original

  theone 12:44 21 Jan 03

If you do a search on the forum, you'll find plenty of selections main ones are Nero 5.5 & musicmatch

  Coaster3 19:40 21 Jan 03

Freerip.mp3 available from downloads above.

  Lú-tzé 19:51 21 Jan 03

click here - the very thing you need was posted earlier!

  kuhbler 00:59 22 Jan 03

Use CDEx click here Version 1.40 works a treat, but they have released Version 1.50beta. Take your pick! This will convert CD tracks to MP3.

If you are just copying cd's then there is no need to convert them first. Just use Nero's CD Copy.

  ajm 01:42 22 Jan 03

MP3 CD Converter v4.01

  DerekR 21:45 23 Jan 03

here's the best place for downloads, help and advice I have found: click here

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