Cougar Extreme Computers?

  OpToCo 24 Oct 11

Can I trust Cougar Extreme Computers? & Do they deliver to Republic of Ireland?

  Woolwell 24 Oct 11

Bought from Cougar Extreme. No major problems although they did supply a slightly different component. Look through the threads for them.

For RoI - why not ask them?

  buteman 24 Oct 11

Looks like a No for delivery.

Q8. Can I get an item sent outside the UK?

A8 . Unfortunately Cougar-Extreme can only deliver within the UK

  OpToCo 24 Oct 11

But in their PC Configurater, you can select the option "Scotland & Ireland Delivery" Not sure in NI or RoI.

  spuds 24 Oct 11

Send them an email, then you might find out how their customer care is, before you decide to make a possible purchase.

  buteman 24 Oct 11

R.o.i is not in the uk.So I would say no to that.

Give them a ring or contact them by e-mail and see what they say.

  OpToCo 25 Oct 11

They sent me this

Dear *

The delivery charge for outside U.K mainland covers the Republic of Ireland aswell as Northern Ireland.

Many thanks


Tel/Fax: 0115 951 9995 Email: [email protected]

Address: Cougar House, Church Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 9AD

Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 9:30 - 18:00 Saturday: 9:3 - 16:00

  buteman 25 Oct 11

No major problems although they did supply a slightly different component.

Just watch for that.Sometimes if they are short of parts they will use a substitute without telling you.

Sometimes the substitute is a better part but they should tell you and sometimes they don't.

  iscanut2 25 Oct 11

I am a Cougar customer and have had a good system for 3 years now. As Buteman says, watch out for part substitution sometimes. Build quality good and after sale service fine if needed.

  shellship 28 Oct 11

I can echo iscanut almost exactly.

  daveeb 06 Nov 11

I also had a major component changed (motherboard) without reference to me first. The board has since proved to be faulty so i'm not best pleased about the outcome. They also sent the pc without the OS key (partly my fault for not noticing at the time)and ended up having to buy another licence off them when i had to reinstall windows. That said their customer service is better than most, e-mails are answered fairly quickly and phones picked up after a few rings. Personally i would probably use them again (with an eye to the issues mentioned above).


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