Cotton Pyjamas

  morddwyd 08:48 01 Jul 11

It's really quite simple.

I would like to buy some traditional (long sleeved jacket, long trousers) 100% cotton pyjamas size XXXL.

Do you think I can find them?

Poly cotton, brushed cotton, silk, shorts, short sleeves, anything but a simple pair of large cotton pyjamas.

I think my searching skills are sadly lacking - I've even tried Macy's, over the water!

  Woolwell 10:22 01 Jul 11

Does this help link text

  morddwyd 11:22 01 Jul 11

It certainly does.

Thank you so much!

  ams4127 19:18 01 Jul 11

£50 for a pair of pyjamas?!! Ye Gods but the world has changed!

  BT 08:56 02 Jul 11


I've bought a number of items from Chums and had no problems with service.


£50 for a pair of pyjamas?!!

I recently paid £17 each for a couple of nightshirts, and they were cheap compared with some I saw.

  onthelimit1 09:23 02 Jul 11

Think I'll stick with au naturel at that price.

  Quickbeam 10:55 02 Jul 11

Why do jim-jams need pockets?

  morddwyd 19:06 02 Jul 11


Tried Chums on a few occasions.

They invariably, and I mean invariably, get the order wrong - wrong size, wrong colour, wrong quantity, discount not applied etc.

  morddwyd 19:12 02 Jul 11

"Think I'll stick with au naturel at that price."

Then make sure you don't come across the mother-in-law from hell, recently in the news!

Very infra dig, au naturel.

Having said that, my wife and I slept that way until well into our sixties, until she had her second stroke and had to start sleeping alone in an orthopaedic bed.

Didn't seem much point after that.

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