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Cost of Tiscali dial-up in evenings?

  palinka 18:15 22 May 05

Tiscali advertise that their dial-up costs 1p per minute in evenings & weekends. So an hour on line costs 60p. But if you still have a BT phone you now pay only 5p per hour at evenings and weekends. SO....can anyone with BT using a Tiscali dial-up tell me how much it is costing them in the evenings/weekends? It's just a matter of curiosity for me as I have Pipex Broadband, but a couple of my friends have signed up to Tiscali dial up recently.

  crx1600 18:19 22 May 05

1p per minute, the 5p per hour deal is for numbers beginning 01xx 02xx etc, and not 08xx.

although you can add the Tiscali number to your 'friends and family' list for a small discount.

  palinka 18:23 22 May 05

crx1600, thanks very much, mystery solved.

  spuds 20:36 22 May 05

I think that you will find that your BT bill will show 1p per minute for the Tiscali service.Normal rates will apply the rest of the day.The BT friends and family do not count on this service.You may also find that there is a minimum connection charge.

I was on Tiscali/Lineone dial up, and if you use the service very wisely then you are okay. Spend a hour every evening or over the weekend, and it can get to a time watching exercise, best to consider one of Tiscali's lower price packages.

  crx1600 20:53 22 May 05

"The BT friends and family do not count on this service."

Wanadoo's PAYG number counts, click here "Note: if you subscribe to a discount package such as BT Friends & Family you may add your Pay As You Go dial-up number to your list of discounted numbers and get even cheaper Internet calls."

can't imagine why Tiscali's should be any different.

  spuds 23:14 22 May 05

crx1600-- I was on Lineone [Tiscali] BT Surftime Dial-up package, and BT would not allow me have this service on Friends and Family.Perhaps things have changed now!:o)

  spuds 23:16 22 May 05

Whoops typo error--me 'to' have...

  crx1600 23:18 22 May 05

hi spuds, i found this is the Tiscali forums click here and it appears there is/was more than one number available for Tiscali PAYG, but only the 0845 one is eligible.

it's an old thread so maybe the 0845 no longer exists, and you may well be right.

  Stuartli 23:45 22 May 05

There would be little point in Tiscali allowing a PAYG number to bring in a reduced income - its share of the cost of the calls from BT are obviously used to run and maintain the service.

  Stuartli 23:49 22 May 05

Tiscali's PAYG number is 0844 057 5000 *** - the full list of dialup numbers can be found at:

click here

near the bottom of the page.

  crx1600 00:11 23 May 05

i've just setup a PAYG with tiscali, and am connected using the old 08456614681 number, which is eligible for the F&F discount :o)

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