cordless phone batteries

  n4165si 13:51 23 Mar 07

the existing Bt batteries are 550 AAA Ni mh,could i replace these with 700 AAA NI MH rechargeable or does it have to be 550. with no detrimental effect.

  €dstowe 14:16 23 Mar 07

Provide the batteries are the same physical size (AAA?) I don't think it matters. The number refers to the storage capacity of the cell in milliAmpere hours so a higher number means you will get a longer time between charges if the phone is stored off-hook or used for a longer period. In practical terms, it won't mean much of importance at all.

  n4165si 14:39 23 Mar 07

thanks for the info

  BT 08:22 24 Mar 07

I did this with my Ascom Phone years ago, No problem. Its a bit of a con with these batteries as most phones use 3x550mah ones. Maplins sell a special pack of 3 for £9.99, whereas you can buy 4 normal rechargeable for much less. Just make sure that if your phone can take Nicad OR NiMh that it is set for the correct type as it determines how the charger works.

  n4165si 13:07 24 Mar 07

a useful point,thank you

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