Cool Case

  SAW 11:55 24 Sep 06

It's time up grade, My old PC is 6 year old

A good place to start is the case, what case budget £70 lot's space for fans and it has to be quiet (silent) as it will be used in a office.
If you have any veiws on mother boards the PCU I will use will be a AMD 64 X 2 939 socket. I shall be using CAD on it
Thanking in in anticipataion

Martin Freeman

  STREETWORK 12:05 24 Sep 06

I have seen a cool case at PC World, also try ebay. And there are ones called Alien but cannot remember where I saw it

  Belatucadrus 13:34 24 Sep 06

Don't forget that the main source of noise is likely to be Power Supply and CPU fans, so it's probably an idea to select a silent PSU first then look at a case rather than buy an all in one package and hope the PSU is quiet.

  ade.h 17:05 24 Sep 06

Cheiftecs are very good and they don't have bundled PSUs, so you won't waste money when you add your own. Lots of space - they are quite big - and well made.

click here is a stockist.

  ade.h 17:06 24 Sep 06

Well it used to be, but it isn't now, it seems.

  Harpur 20:58 24 Sep 06

if you want a case with plenty of room try the coolermaster stacker. comes with no psu but has a 120mm fan at the front which blows over the hdd and a 8omm blowhole fan on top. can also accommodate two 120 fans in the back as well as an 80 on the side. a further fan available for it alone is a crossflow fan which blows cold air over the motherboard keepinf it and the components cool. it can also take two psus via a special dongle provided. it is massive and made of steel so it is extremely sturdy and sits about 30inches high. mine is 2 years old nearly but this is a new version

click here

for the older model click here

  DieSse 01:05 25 Sep 06

*what case budget £70 lot's space for fans and it has to be quiet (silent) as it will be used in a office.*

If the budget has to include a PSU - I doubt you'll make it. Good quality quiet PSUs will come to £50-60.

You'll also be needing an ultra-quiet processor cooler, which'll come to a similar amount, and quiet case fans are not the cheapest.

To get quiet, you really need to budget more. Good quiet cases, fans, PSUs and processor coolers here.

click here and click here

And an interesting article here

click here

  wee eddie 17:51 25 Sep 06

You might like to have a look at this selection of cases.

click here

Might give you an idea or three!

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