Converting VHS/Camcorder tapes to DVD

  Cara2 20:15 16 Jan 14

Hi, is there a single device that will do all the above, without me having to connect a video recorder (which I don't have) or camcorder? Or do I have to have a video recorder in the first instance to connect to a device, or hook up a camcorder?

Thanks Cara

  Cara2 11:31 17 Jan 14

Thanks for replies.

Jock1e, I have loads of tapes so would prefer to do it myself. Lazarus, I will take a look at the suggested device.

Anybody actually done this and can tell me what they have used?

Thanks Cara

  Woolwell 14:14 17 Jan 14

Some years ago I attempted to convert VHS to DVD by using a capture device. The results were very poor. A friend had a VHS player and combined DVD recorder and recorded them for me with much better results.

  hastelloy 08:58 18 Jan 14

If you have a DVD recorder you could record direct from the camera.

  Nontek 10:40 18 Jan 14

As per Woolwell's note - a VHS/DVD Player Recorder is by far the cheapest and easiest way to do this conversion.

A used VHD/DVD Combo can be had for ten quid or less from many Charity or second-hand shops.

  Terry Brown 12:27 18 Jan 14

I use a TV capture card and scart cable to phono cable from my Video recorder and Ulead Video 10 software. With this setup you can edit your tapes (once they are the computer)and you get a choice of quality from HD to Mpeg2 (standard). Provided the tape quality is good, you get a good quality DVD.

However if you are not interested in editing the films a Video recorder to DVD is a good choice


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