consumer watch

  conrail 16:12 04 Mar 11

I keep getting phone calls from a company called 'Consumer Watch' about my gas/electricity suppliers, these are getting annoying, just about everyday, I have had them twice in one day, I ask for the company name, address and phone number & callers name, knowing what they are telling me is a lie the way they caller, always with a foreign accent, hesitates, I have tried to veryfy the number with 1471 but it is always withheld, I am with the telephone preference service but they can't help without the company name, etc.
anybody any ideas on how I can stop these calls, I am with virgin

  BT 16:58 04 Mar 11

If they are phoning from abroad TPS isn't much help as they can't control it.
What I do is say that I'm with the TPS and they are breaking the law and liable to a £5000 fine if they don't stop. I know its not strictly true but chances are the foreign caller won't be aware of the TPS rules. It seems to work mostly.

  conrail 17:10 04 Mar 11

thanks BT, I'll give that a try, I always say I am going to report them to the TPS and they usually hang up on me.
It would be handy if when they call I was on my pc because I could put their details in the Royal Mail post code finder, click here;jsessionid=122UG2GN02P3AFB2IGJEPLQ;jsessionid=122UG2GN02P3AFB2IGJEPLQ?catId=400145&gear=postcode whilst speaking to them

  conrail 17:11 04 Mar 11

sorry about that, I opened the royal mail postcode finder site to copy and paste the web address and part of it has been reproduced, again I apologise, no idea on why that happened.

  Forum Editor 18:15 04 Mar 11

is to simply replace the receiver as soon as the person at the other end starts to speak. Say nothing whatsoever, under any circumstances.

The calls may continue for a short while, but then they'll stop.

  conrail 19:58 04 Mar 11

thanks for that suggestion, I will give it a try

  ronalddonald 21:46 04 Mar 11

you can always do what I do unplug the phone for a day or two and plug it back in when you want to use it. When they ring you want hear it as its unplugged and hopefully they will get frustrated and stop calling you

  AL47 22:16 04 Mar 11

I always just leave the phone off the hook so they are still connected, i find they tire of that quickly, ive even been called back asking why I did it! That was amusing.

  Forum Editor 23:20 04 Mar 11

so they are still connected"

And nobody else can get through. Seems a rather daft idea to me.

  Dragon_Heart 01:14 05 Mar 11

We leave our phone on 'monitor / answer-phone'. Once they start to hear the recorded message they normally just hand up ( you can't sell to a tape ). You can always pick up if a friend or relative calls.

If that fails try the old fashioned police whistle down the phone, I don't know if that method is quite legal but who's making the unwanted calls ?

  Dragon_Heart 01:21 05 Mar 11

I have just been reminded there is a US organisation operating via but these deal with product recalls.

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